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Noah Dahlien 

Noah Dahlien creates intuitive, Surreal, and Dada work using a variety of materials (including oil paint, gouache, pencil, and ink) to delve into the subconscious realms of the mind. His depictions convey the weight of psychological and emotional upheaval through space and time.

Immersing himself in the process, the images and the stories come into existence at the same time.

"My process is about understanding the base of our existence and what lie beyond what we cannot see.”

As a young child, Noah began his exploration of the old master techniques in his father’s art studio. As a surrealist himself, his father encouraged self-exploration of these techniques which Noah embraces in the fulfillment of his expression.

“I never know what the end result will look like; for me, the journey is unknown and becomes revealed along the way. And sometimes the end of the road is its own mystery.”

To hope for maternal desires.jpg

“My work isn’t really about meaning; it’s about tenderness, love, rage, laughter, yearning, and the journey through it all.”

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